Welcome to the Project: Dragon Knight WikiEdit

A wiki dedicated to 'Project: Dragon Knight', a concerted effort to take the 'Kaiju Girls' created by Sean Mcguinness and make them the respectable, tasteful badasses they should have been.

About Project: Dragon KnightEdit

Set in the aftermath of Godzilla: final Wars; Project: dragon Knight is a fan-created setting where the DNA of deceased Kaiju are fused with humans, creating 'Dragoons', Human/Kaiju hybrids.  While thefirst generationw ere just humans with a kaiju-like appearance, after the birth of Regina Wrathfire[Godzilla], the first Generation 2 Dragoons were born.  Now with the ability to take on a more monstrous form, these dragoons must work together to protect the Earth in the face of a growing new threat from beyond the veil.

Latest activityEdit

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